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Opposition to HB4965!

ALERT! HB4965 Is in The Senate! This bill will kill all funding for PEG in the State of Michigan.  Contact Your State Senator and  tell them to VOTE NO on HB4965.

For more information:

Call: Ian Locke 248-393-1060


HB4965 is poised to rewrite PA480 which has clearly defined language that all commercial Video Services offered, in whole or in part, in our public right of ways, is subject to Franchise (5%) and PEG fees (2%).  

This includes streaming services over IP based delivery systems including services like Netflix, Disney+, Google TV, HULU etc.

This bill will give away over $100million in local revenue that will impact EVERY community in Michigan. 

Contact your state Senator ASAP and voice your opposition to HB4965!

Communities that are opposed to this bill:


-Grand Rapids

-Ann Arbor

-Mount Pleasant



-Mt. Clemens

-St. Clair



-Orion Township

-Oxford Township

-Independence Township


-West Bloomfield




-Rochester Hills


-Addison Township


-Meridian Township

Advocacy Work HB4965: What We Do
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